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[USA]: Bisexual Voices Speak Out on National Equality March!

X-Posted from an article by 'Mizz M' published in Bi Social News an online magazine "For Today's Bisexual"

Bisexual Voices Speak Out on National Equality March!We've come to it at last—what so many have been talking about, wondering about, and even fighting about for the past several months. The National Equality March—which is on Sunday, October 11, 2009.

I'm happy to say there will be a fair amount of bisexual and pansexual inclusion for once (thanks to the hard work of BiNet USA). The National Equality March (NEM) has four (4)! bisexual speakers: Penelope Williams, Chloe Noble, Michael Huffington, and the famous Lady Gaga herself.

We also have events that everyone should go to and network with the bisexual and pansexual community!

Please CLICK THIS LINK to read the full story

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