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San Diego's Queer Community

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Queer San Diego Community

This community has been created to serve as a public forum for discussion on queer topics in general or in relation to San Diego.

Please feel free to post information regarding:
  • Local LGBTQ community events

  • Your thoughts, ideas, ponderings...

  • Suggestions for the local and online community

You get the idea...

Community Help

Please use commonsense and respect when posting to this community. Be nice!


Any post which is longer than a normal paragraph or two, or which contains multiple or large images must include an tag out of courtesy for the other community members.

Long posts can clutter up "friends" pages. Multiple or large images can cause problems for those who have slow internet connections. If you do not know how to use the feature, instructions are available in LJ FAQ #75.


If you wish to edit or remove a community post yourself, instructions are available in LJ FAQ #119.

Also - Visit our local Drag King Troupe website!

San Diego Kings Club

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